Summer Robinson- mastermind behind all things Summer Sariah. Mom of two littles and wife to a Farmer of Potatoes and Grain. 

The story of Summer Sariah Barbecue Bows.
Summer Sariah is home of the amazing Barbecue Bow. Accessorizing beautiful baby girls one barbecue bow at a time!  Summer, the owner and designer created Summer Sariah after having her first girl and wanted hair accessories that were unique and classic in style and that would last forever! Summer works odd hours in her home while raising two babies; Jemma is soon to be 5 (shes not my baby anymore once she turns 5!!!) and Parker is 2 (the craziest baby boy who thinks hes a race car, train, airplane, tractor, golfer, basketball player and farmer all in one day)! She is a stay at home mom married to farmer and loves every minute of her quiet, crazy, simple life!

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