Friday, November 8, 2013

Summer Sariah on Sweet Relish! 5 Tips for Pulling Off an Epic Kid's Birthday Party! and a mini Summer Sariah shop announcement!

Summer Sariah Barbecue Bows were featured in another article at Sweet Relish!!!

Last year, my daughter was invited to a 3 year-old’s birthday party. I didn’t really know the kid but I was hoping to connect with some of the families in her class at school, so we went. The party was super cute, all completely handmade with love.

And it was insane. They had games for the kids but people stopped manning them halfway through, which means the toddlers stopped playing the games and just started eating the treats. By the end of the party I, the adult, had such a sugar rush I just watched as one daughter dragged a bucket of chocolate drops around the room and the other grabbed candy out of the chest, stuck it in her mouth, and spit it back out. Along with 4 other kids. It felt like the toddler version of the SNL sketch mocking Oprah’s Favorite Things. People peeing their pants, jumping around, crying tears of joy (or something).
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And.... New products were just listed in the SHOP

A super quick Summer Sariah announcement - 

Summer Sariah FREE SHIPPING will end at the end of the month (NOVEMBER 2013). Because of the Holiday Season and all the chaos and fun that comes with it we will no longer be offering free shipping. Get your Christmas Shopping done this month! All coupons will still remain active until the end of the year. Expiring December 31, 2013 at midnight! I am almost positive more amazing ones will surface in 2014!

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