Monday, November 18, 2013

The Joys of Stitchfix.

I joined this club a few months ago and love it. Stitchfix. I don't know why but the idea of clothing coming to my door to try on decide for a few days and then send back is heavenly. I schedule my 'fix', wait for it, (I usually have to go to the post office to pick it up because the mail lady isn't exactly the greatest ever) and then try everything on. I'm a good sport and try on the itchy stuff, the ghastly stuff and the 'I know this isn't going to fit stuff' which there is usually one in each fix. Usually the tops I am a little hesitant about AJ likes because they aren't plain, boring and are more flattering and bright. I got every piece in my first fix (thank heavens they give you a discount) and since then I have only gotten one or two items because I have to choose my favorites so I can afford to do it again. (Yes it is expensive. Like a mini shopping spree every month that my bank account cannot handle) I do it every other month or every two months depending on what I kept from the previous fix. Its fun. Its convenient and I love the surprise of getting something I know I wouldn't ever buy myself or try on in a store but love the moment I try it on. 

Here is what came in my fix this month....

Kensie Jeans. Kaleigh Ankle Biter Skinny Jeans. I kept these because they are magnificent and who doesn't love a colored pair of stretch skinnies. 

Fun2Fun. Calibri Plaid Tab Sleeve Cotton Top. This top is heavenly! My favorite style of shirt by far. It flatters, it hides and it has three quarter length sleeves. I will wear this once a week until I die!

41 Hawthorn. Shara Herringbone Vest with Black Piping. This was great. Just a little too bulky and thick for my liking. 

Ellison. Cordelia Striped Boat Neck Sweater. I love a good sweater but when it hits you at the wrong spot its not good. (My husband asked me if it was on backwards and then asked what was wrong with the neck!)

Renee C. Jemdy Heathered Dolman Sleeved Shirt. This is not my style and it was extremely scratchy.

Each item comes with a style tag showing 2 ways to wear each piece. I love keeping them for future reference and so I know where I got it! I wont ever forget. They're too fun. I think my three year old likes them more than I do. 

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