Monday, June 9, 2014

Ribbon and Trims Headband/Halo Tutorial

Create your own Headband/Halo using ribbons and trims!

 Before you begin you will need 

a glue gun
4-5 ribbon/trims options
and a measuring tool 

I chose 4 trims/ribbons for this headband
Purple Dot from May Arts
Gold Stars from May Arts
Turquoise Pleat from May Arts and 
Gold Sequins from Stampin' Up

For the Headband I cut one of each at 13" long 
and for the Ties in the back I cut two purple dot at 14" long

I also cut two small purple dot pieces at 2" long each to seal off each side of the headband.

Start by gluing each piece on top of each other. I started with the stars on the bottom so that I could wear with the stars up or with the starts down. Reversible! 

When you have all four trims glued together on each end add the 14" purple dot ribbon to each side. 

Use your two small pieces of Purple dot and glue to seal off the edges and then fold the ends over and together.

I trimmed the ends at an angle. 

I used Fray Check, purchased at Walmart, to seal the edges of the ties so they don't fray. 

And you're done!  

You can use any selection of trims you have at home and we even created a few matching bracelets! 
You can also use strands of pearls, rosette trims, lace, and rhinestones!

Summer Sariah 2014

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