Monday, May 4, 2015

Alphabet Wood Slices. My newest product

These beauties are available to purchase HERE and are so cool. We trimmed our apple trees (we have a few overgrown and over producing) and I instantly fell in love with those long brown branches! My loving husband who cares only for my well being cuts them into slices for me. (I and the table saw do not get along - within the first few hours of us spending time together it was no longer a chop saw and I was headed back to Sears where they graciously accepted my idiocy and gave me a brand new one (Their return policy is wonderful and the warranties are superb!)! Now AJ is only allowed to use it. I supervise and clean it!) 
Each slice is then adorned with each letter of the alphabet by me using my favorite tool - the prography pen! After I have lightly sanded the edges each piece is stained - TWICE - with a linseed oil, non toxic, food safe and chemical free. Perfect for your little ones learning fun! 
I'm searching for a few product testers and would love love love to give you an introductory coupon for 20% off! Use Coupon code APPLE at checkout! 

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