Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Complete Your Collection. The ever so lovely Wood Watch by JORD.

Complete your collection or just start one!
Wood Watches by Jord 

Disclaimer – again all ideas, thoughts and words are my own. I’m a little bit all over the place. I am being serious and always tell the truth. Sense the sarcasm and laugh about it!

Words cannot and will not express my love for this watch. My love for wood can never be explained and the fact that I get to wear this beauty every day makes me eternally happy. It comes in a wood box and wrapped around its own pillow! And I even left the little wood tag on because I love it.

If you really “know” me you know I love wood. Let’s talk about this love. I have 3 piles of sticks in my backyard waiting for me to start a project with the intent to finish. I have a giant pile of slices in my garage calling my name. I grew up in the mountains; hiked through the wilderness, started my own camp fires and slept under the stars (totally in my youth – such wonderful memories).  So when I was contacted and asked to wear a wood watch and then write about it, there was NO way I was saying no.

If you've seen my jewelry box you know I love watches. Watches which need batteries replaced but because they are so beautiful I still wear them and I don’t care. They just make your wrist look so sexy. They’re functional too, right? You use them to see what time it is. I wear them because they are stunning and simply way better than a bracelet. Better yet pair a watch with a bracelet or stack of bracelets and that arm is going to look sexier than ever! 

Let’s start from the beginning when Justine emailed me and told me I could choose from the list. It was sooooo hard. I hate choosing when there are so many amazing choices (go here and click "view our entire watch collection" to see more gold! Its blue, red or orange and its on your left). 

I asked for my little sisters’ advice and trusted her expertise. I also asked Lisha, my fashion consultant, business partner, and most important friend. I had made a decision. And then…. It was kind of like when you’re pregnant and you are so set on a name but when you actually see the baby everything changes and you name the miracle a name that wasn’t even on your list! That’s what happened to me! When I finally went to email Justine my choice it all changed and I went with this one! I am so glad I did and I have never regretted my choice and have worn this little gem everyday for the past 9 days. I even wore it to state track under my hoodie and coat and no one even saw it but I knew it was there, close to me.

When I picked up the watch from the Post Office (that’s a story that I will never understand) I instantly ripped open the box and slipped that baby on! Seriously if you love watches this is a must! Its wood! All natural REAL WOOD. I consider myself a lover of all the finer things and this is fine.

Let us talk about this watch. We will state the facts. It’s wood. It’s beautiful. And most important, it’s functional. This is important.
For me, being a busy mom of two, running an online business, as well as picking up free lance art here and there I’m just downright busy.  Too busy to care what I look like everyday but I do! Too busy to care about what I wear oh but I do! Still busy… No one ever mentions the meals, the dishes, the laundry or the bathrooms! I feel like I go nonstop when all I really want to do is lay on my couch and watch Disney with the kids, play petshops with Jemma (secret - I really don’t want to do that I just need to more because it makes the little happy), and play trains with Parker. We’re all busy right?

With this watch throw busy out the window! I never have time to decide what to wear let alone pair jewelry with it that matches and looks fabulous! I take time, sometimes. When I buy clothes I make an effort a huge one to purchase items that are versatile. And my main goal in life is to look like I walked out of a catalog. Even though some days I look like a hippie, others homeless. I have never once looked like I walked out of a Victoria secret catalog - that’s waaaay too much work! Once a month or when I go to a wedding or church, maybe a date if I’m lucky, I dress up and then I pair my ensemble with makeup! Ah! Adding this beauty to my wrist I feel like a million dollars! The best part I never have to wonder whether or not it will match. It always, always, always will. It’s classic. It’s stylish. It’s hip. It’s all natural. Its light and its comfortable. And it has and will always stand the test of time. It goes with every single dress I own and every single shirt and pants combo. It matches my shoes. I even wore it with a nike hoodie, addidas sneakers, Victoria secret workout pants, a sports bra and a top bun.

This watch doesn’t pinch. I have a few that do! It fits perfectly. We will talk about why! They send you a file with instructions and your very own ruler; you download, print, and then measure your wrist and size it for you! You don’t have to take it to the jeweler and get links removed! They know me! Who has time for that!

In all honesty this is the coolest watch I have ever owned and my go to watch whenever I leave the house. My husband is jealous and he wears a fit bit! I’m thinking he needs one of these for Father’s day!

I wore the watch with my Koben Silk Lined Jeans. Heavenly. But we can talk about those later. Wink wink. My stitch fix top. I don’t even care where it came from its gorgeous and I love getting a fix! And a two different bracelets, my fav necklace and earrings from Premier Design Jewelry. Above is where I couldn't decide if i should wear my toms or below - my target wedges. Serious decision making! It was sunny outside so I went with the target wedges. All pictures are my own. Select Pictures by Lisha Harper from @harperdesignandco. 

The hardest decision you all have is deciding which watch to buy for yourself! I know you will LOVE it no matter which one it is! 

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