Wednesday, October 30, 2013

PolkaDot Umbrella Boutique. Handmade Couture Dress for Miss Queen Jemma

My sweet friend behind Polka Dot Umbrella Boutique is AH-MAZING! She brought over this dress for Jemma today and we LOVE it! Jemma does not want to take it off and was quite the little model while I snapped a few pictures for Polka Dot Umbrella! She HAD to wear those red sparkle shoes because those have been labeled her 'dancing shoes' and THIS DRESS was the perfect 'dancing dress'. It was freezing outside and Jemma was such a trooper! I got to pick out the fabric and Kristen whipped up this little gem! She is so talented and does custom orders… what ever your little heart desires! 

She even saves the scraps for me so I can make a matching bow for Jemmas hair or maybe Ill make a matching necklace! If I get really ambitious I might break out my sewing skills and make a mini bag or her "friends" aka Woody, Jesse, Buzz and Bullseye! 

She blogs for Create Kids Couture and used Jemma today in one of her posts! 

Just because one picture of your own child is never enough! Here are 8!
K seriously guys this dress could not be made any better anywhere! It was as perfect as a perfect stitch could be! This is fit for a QUEEN and she sure thinks she is one thanks to Kristen! 

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