Monday, October 14, 2013

Meet Brittany.

Meet Brittany.

Brittany Clark is my sister. Little. Sister. She's such a dream. She was a freshman when I was a senior in high school. We played ball together; volleyball and basketball. We cheered together. We danced together. We ran track together and we had a fun filled year full of memories only we share!

Here's a little excerpt from her personal blog;

I crave sour patch watermelons and all things creative. My most recent adventure and joy has been becoming a new mom to Mr. Miles.

She is currently a med student wife in Lubbock Texas. Her baby Miles is one month three days younger than my baby Parker and just turned one in September!! She taught kindergarten in Provo for a few years. She gave me the best gifts, treasures she found from the D.I.  She has never missed my birthday probably because we share the same birthday month!! She scrapbooks, oil paints, preschools, plays basketball like a champ, cooks, bakes, thrifts and uplifts and sooooo many many more talents we will share later I'm sure! 

I love Brittany to death and cannot wait to share her and all her talents with you! 

If you're interested in reading and following her private blog go here! 

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