Monday, October 14, 2013

Meet Olivia.

Meet Olivia.

I met Olivia a little over two years ago and we have been such close friends from day one! We share a love of scrapbooking, photography, motherhood and so much more and never ever run out of things to talk about! She is an amazing party thrower, scrapbooker, she has super great style and she never comes over without chocolate! She recently started learning about reflexology and I cannot wait for her to share more information about it!! I am so excited to share her and her talents with you! 

Here is her personal introduction - 
I'm Olivia. Wife to McCord, mother to Harrison and Madelyn, living a simple country life. I grew up in the 'burbs before settling in small town Idaho. I met my hubby right out of high school & knew by the third date he was *the one*. We spent three years at law school where our first was born. We moved back home and began studiously working. The next summer Madelyn was born & shortly after McCord started his own practice. It's been a roller coaster of happy days & sleepless nights, but the reward has been incredible! 
I enjoy cheesy chick flicks and anything bright & colorful. I believe in forgiveness & second chances and that chocolate can solve most problems. I love papercrafts, music, and a good book (when I get the chance). 

Share the love and welcome Olivia to the Summer Sariah Blog Team!

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