Monday, October 21, 2013

Playdoh Mat Shapes Printable

Once again, I created this printable because I couldn't find anything (FREE) online! As a teacher everyone had a saying, "Don't reinvent the wheel." If its done for you, don't do it again. But seriously I couldn't find anything! I really love teaching, and when I think of an idea I really want it to happen! So we are learning about shapes right now in this preschool I co-teach, and I wanted them to work with playdoh to improve their fine motor muscles, so I thought how great would playdoh mats be?! 

So I made some so SIMPLE shape playdoh mats, now I realize some of you could make these on your own in like 20 minutes, thats how long it took me, but guess what!?!? Now you can just print, laminate and be done and ready for some fun! I'm so good at rhyming.. Print these out, and teach your child how to use them, you can even print back to back on cardstock to save paper. Teach your child to make snakes and lay them on the shape lines, talk about how many sides each shape has, or if it has sides, have them fill in all the space inside the lines, multicolor or one color! 
This is one image in the document just to give you an idea!
Have fun making shapes with playdoh!


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